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Lisbon Treaty Threatens “Localism” At Irish Surf Spots

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Everyone knows that the Lisbon Treaty will touch them in some way but surfers did’nt expect this!  Spanish, german and french surfing lobbies have pushed through a term which specifies that any surfer of European origin will have the same status as any local in any break in Ireland. The german chancellor Angela Merkel has stressed the importance of this law in a recent  conference with the european surfer media. “Ve have give so much money to ze irish zat ve now vish for some ov zis priority in ze vaves”. French leader Sarkozy also stated his support for the new law expressing the pain that French surfers have endured in recent months in ireland. “Les irish sont tres shite a la slab.. et mon bodynoarders est tres bien… cest simple…”.

German Surfers Paddle Out Into a Local Irish Break

German Surfers Paddle Out Into a Local Irish Break

Spots around ireland are also to be renamed to make them more continental sounding for the traveling European surfer. Eurocrats have commended the renaming initiative in Clare where Spanish Point was the first to take up the free grants offered as part of the scheme with Lahinch soon to change to “Le Hinch”.

Some of the names proposed for other areas  are “Das Peak” in Bundoran and “La Easkey Gauche” in Sligo.

Pro Lisbon parties have been promoting the other side of this story saying ” Its fecking brilliant because it works the other way too. Hoardes and hoardes of Irish Bic Riders can go straight out the back in Mundaka and paddle straight in to the deepest section”.


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