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Kerry Surfers Cause Turmoil on Corks Quality Breaks

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Kerry surfers car recently spotted in GTOWN .. theyre everywhere nowadays!

Kerry surfers car recently spotted in GTOWN .. theyre everywhere nowadays!

Tensions are reportedly on the rise in Cork again as hoards of Kerry surfers invade the lineups of certain Cork secret spots. Local surfers , who wish to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, are thinking of making a formal complaint to the ISA. “ I am absolutely sick of it boy’’, said one long time local, ‘’ I cant even pull up at my local spot for all the bloody Kerry reg vans parked up every decent swell we get’’.

Cork local deals with kerry stinkbug stance

Cork local deals with kerry stinkbug stance

It seems the combination of a lack of proper waves and the burgeoning group of hardcore progressive surfers in the Kerry region has meant that they are beginning to travel further afield in search of powerful reef breaks and performance orientated waves, with nearby Cork with its vast array of amazing setups taking the brunt of their expansionist forays.
‘’The thing that pisses me off so much is that they have no respect for our secret spots’’, said one G-town resident, ‘’you’ll see one van first, then next swell they have told all their buddies about our epic waves. Before you know it, it’s like the Kerry wolf pack out there, hooting themselves onto our waves and generally dominating the peaks. Worst of all they all think they surf with such a shit-hot refined style, which couldn’t be further from the truth’’. Nobody in Cork wants heavy localism to rear its ugly head but lets face it, nobody wants a poo-stance arse in their face either, especially not a Kerry arse.



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September 6, 2009 at 3:00 pm

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