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More Cutbacks Forecast due to Continuing Recession

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The deepening recession is leading to a spate of serious cutbacks across the broad spectrum of Irish surfing. Leading analysists, drawing on wide ranging data have shown that cutbacks have increased by 25% since 2008 and this trend is set to continue well into 2011.They have also highlighted the strong correlation between job losses and the increase in surftime. Whereas in previous years it was only the minority of Irish surfers who could master the simple cutback it now seems that with all this free time, surfers are actually improving and the move has become de rigueur.

Johnie O’Brien, a Bundoran local, is once such young Irish surfer who recently found himself  affected by the downturn in the economy, ” During the Celtic Tiger years my surfing wasn’t really improving, in fact I’d go so far as to say I was actually getting worse. My long working hours meant that I little more than a wee weekend warrior. Nowadays I’m getting so much practise its all starting to pay off. I’ve finally mastered the art of  the lay-back thanks to these lay-offs”.

Cutbacks are affecting everyone

Cutbacks are affecting everyone

However, not everyone is happy about the recession. Grumpy locals at once quiet spots are complaining that “you can’t even pull up on a wednesday morning without seeing at least a dozen twenty-something dole-scrounging surfers on the hunt for waves”. Don reckons the failing economy is to blame for this upsurge of new talent and mourns the fact he cant even catch a wave out back on his fifteen footer without an upstart shortboarder sitting deeper than him and hooting him off. “It’s absolutely sickening, whereas we had to work and could only practise our surfing once a week these gobshites are getting sponsored by the Social and getting out there everyday. Disgusting!”

Pre-recession cutback.

Pre-recession cutback.

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October 7, 2009 at 12:45 am