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The banks are shit…

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It is truly the worst effect of the recession that has been inflicting our country. All the doom and gloom has filtered into the surf community of the south of Ireland. Cork. Not only have the banks let our economic recovery down but they are also causing crap quality waves. The same echo is heard throughout the line ups of Co. Cork… “The banks are shit” or “jeesus when have the banks been good this year… never”. Some people have tried to defend the banks but it is also true that these said banks have not been good since the hey days of the Celtic tiger.  There was sand everywhere and people bought houses right near the banks. Unfortunately the banks have no sand and the people are suffering. A recent protest group has been formed by disgruntled local surfers and posters can no be seen at Corks once famous superbanks.

A recent poster at local break


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September 22, 2010 at 1:50 pm

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